Killington and Snowbird: no go

Some Eastern skiers’ hope were squashed early this week when Killington (Vermont) announced that they wouldn’t reopen for skiing this season. Although Superstar artificial Glacier is still deep, they announced last Monday that the fact Kmart would be the only “shop in town” in the Northeast, and similar to Snowbird’s (Utah) announcement a few days prior, an opening for skiing would create a dilemma for overcrowding and challenges on social distancing. To complicate matters, Vermont requires 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving from out of state. Killington’s President and GS Mike Solimano talked about the challenges that opening for skiing would create for the resort and making everyone respect the state’s guidelines. Killington will be opening other outdoor activities, unlike skiing the fact that other places now offer golf or mountain biking in the East would lessen K attraction powers.

Even if they closed in mid-March, Killington will likely (see below) offer the longest season in the East with 133 ski days starting November 3 and ending like many North American ski areas, March 15. A ski season cut short by 78 days compare from the incredibly long 2018-19 season. Based on Ski Mad World’s personal data, Killington never ended their season in March, furthermore this was only the 7th time that the resort didn’t offer May or June closing dates since the days of the NHL’s original Six also known as the last year the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup (1967).

St-Sauveur and Arapahoe Basin: waiting for the green light

Elsewhere in the East, but North of the border in Canada, there is always Saint-Sauveur. MSS is always one of the top ski resorts for length of ski season in Canada (without glacier) and the East. Like Killington, MSS suspended their season on the same day March 15. Always first to open in Quebec, Mont St-Sauveur opened on November 8; five months to the day, from the end of their record ending ski season with skiing and waterpark activities on June 8, 2019.

Like for Arapahoe Basin (Colorado) which opens tomorrow to the public (more below), Mont St-Sauveur is waiting for the green light from Government authorities.

Anyway, just to let you know we’re ready. YES, if we have the OK from the government authorities and the Gouvernement du Québec, we will open for skiing one last time. This is our greatest desire. Because we are finished crazy in our sport. And as long as there’s snow, we’ll want to ski!

Not sure if the government will response on time? Tomorrow is another hot day with 33c (91F) for St-Sauveur. Quebec and Montreal in particular is Canada Covid-19 epicentre, I imagine that reopening outdoor activities is being carefully examined, but like it’s almost Summer, one ski day at one ski area is very far on the Quebec government list of priorities. With this heatwave, time is running out snow, time is running out on hope.

Anyone else?

YES: Late Summer only ski area Beartooth Basin (Montana) is schedule to open pretty more on schedule on May 30 until July 5. Website info.

MAYBE: Whistler-Blackcomb (British Columbia) normally opens for Summer skiing in early June. An announcement was recently made that they are hoping to open for Summer activities (including skiing) at end of June or early July. They are closely following guidelines issued by the provincial health authorities. British Columbia has slowly started to reopen, but travel outside the residents local areas is still not recommended

NO WORD: Still no word from last year’s July closing California ski resort: Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley.

Canada has extended it closed border to all non-essential travel with the US until June 21.

Open Skiing New Challenges – Part 1

As skiing in Summer wasn’t hard enough, the pandemic has added a series of new challenges. The new factor is to open, but making safe by limiting the risk of contagion: number one is limiting lift tickets sales and enforcing social distancing. Mount Bachelor (Oregon) who closed on Sunday May 24, reopened for one week uniquely limited to passholders. Timberline Lodge (Oregon) and A-Basin (Colorado) is limiting lift tickets sells via the internet one day at a time. Arapahoe is opening tomorrow Wednesday May 27 and the website crashed; tomorrow tickets are going to be drawn.

Here is quick summary of new guidelines for Timberline Lodge and Arapahoe Basin:

  • Need to have reservation/lift ticket prior to arriving.
  • Tailgating is strictly prohibited.
  • Mask/Face Covering in designated areas or when you can’t maintain physical distancing.
  • Only visit with members of your household
  • Please stay home if you are sick or are considered high risk.

Open Skiing New Challenges – Part 2

As I often mentioned in the past, the ski season is never over, it just moves elsewhere. The pandemic didn’t manage to shutdown all lift assisted skiing so far, it came very close. There was always at least one ski area open on any given day. As resorts were closing in North America and most of Europe, Chinese ski area were reopening after a two-month shutdown.

The biggest challenge facing the ski racers and ski round skiers are the many travel restrictions. A good example are the numerous closed borders or/and quarantine requirements like the Canada-US is restricted to essential travel until June 21 (possibly extended).

This blog post is getting a bit long, so I better post now. The travel and border situation are constantly changing, so the rundown is a bit challenging. In the next blog post I’ll try to look at the current Global skiing situation. Until then, stay safe.

Life, you can’t never take anything for granted.

Although there was no April skiing in the East (with the assistance of lifts) which might have been a first since the days of the invention Alex Foster’s created the ropetow in the Laurentians back in 1931.

No liftserved skiing in the East, only Mount Baldy (California) in North America would reopen for a few days at the end of April. Baldy has closed since May 3rd, but other ski areas will be offering May skiing soon.


Will something open in the East? There are really only two candidates that normally still be open:
Mont St-Sauveur (Québec)
Killington (Vermont)

Vermont has just started allowing individual recreational activities and Vermonters are no longer obliged to stay close to their home. However anyone that has travelled outside Vermont are obliged to be quarantined for 14-days prior to pursuing any activities.

As of May 20, Quebec is giving the green light for individual sports. The plug was already pulled on the AKAMP ski camp at the end of June. Will St-Sauveur consider reopening for skiing if given the green light. The Quebec border is also closed to all non-essential travel and Canada has also extended it closed border to all non-essential travel with the US until June 21.



A few ski areas are open/reopening this month as a few states are moving to slowly reopen. Below is a rundown from the current situation.

Scheduled to Open

May 15 to potentially September:
Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood (Oregon) opened today Friday May 15. Their season normally ends in September’s Labour Day weekend. Limited operation, limited lift passes and can only be bought online only less that 24 hours in advance. Details here.

May 16 to May 24:
Mount Bachelor (Oregon) is giving their passholders one final week of Spring skiing. No lift tickets sold. Details here.

Late Summer only ski area Beartooth Basin (Montana) is schedule to open pretty more on schedule on May 30 until July 5. Website info.

Hoping to Reopen

Arapahoe Basin (Colorado): Colorado under an executive under by the state Governor. The current order is until May 23. They are hoping to be able to reopen at one point, but that won’t happen until health and snow conditions are safe. Details here.

Not Reopening

Snowbird (Utah): The ski season has often reached July, however the ski resort will remain closed due to health and safety concerns. Uphill ski access is now permitted. Details here.

We exhausted every possible method of re-opening for skiing and riding. However, based on other resorts remaining closed and the population center right here in the Wasatch Front alone, there is no way we could mitigate the potential of being overrun and creating an unsafe situation.

Unclear Situation


Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley (California):

Last season Mammoth and Squaw ended their season into July. This year both suspended operations on March 14. No word if Mammoth and/or Squaw will be permitted to open for skiing soon. Each US states are managing the lockdown/Stay at Home orders according to the pandemic situation in their state. California’s health orders varies at the county level.

Whistler-Blackcomb (British Columbia):

Over 30 years Blackcomb’s Horstman Glacier has offered some Summer skiing in June and July. The season generally would be from something like June 6 to July 12 or 19. British Columbia has slowly started to reopen, but travel outside the residents local areas isn’t recommended at this time. Whistler has determined when or if the Summer season will happen. They are closely following guidelines issued by the provincial health authorities. Canada has extended it closed border to all non-essential travel with the US until June 21.

Next blog post will look will also look at the current Global skiing situation. Until then, stay safe.

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As life, you can’t never take anything for granted. I’m pretty sure this is the first time that no April skiing has been offered in the East. Normally May skiing is almost a sure bet, but not in a weird environment of living in an pandemic. Nothing is certain.

All liftserved skiing in East North America was shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic within one week in mid-March. All Alterra, Epic and province of Quebec ski areas closed on the weekend of March 14-15

A handful of areas remained open passed Sunday March 15. The last ski areas with lift served skiing to shutdown the lifts were:

March 17:
Smokey (Labrador City, Newfoundland & Labrador)
McCauley and Greek Peak (New York)
Sunapee (New Hampshire)
Smuggs* (Vermont)
March 18:
Bretton Woods*, Cannon, Gunstock and Waterville (New Hampshire)
Tuonela (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia) – trails open longer.
March 19:
Kamiskotia (Northern Ontario)

All Eastern Canada ski areas that were still open were fairly remote; Northern Ontario’s Kamiskotia being the last to open. The New York and New Hampshire shutdown with state government orders.

This is the first time that they have been virtually no skiing happening in North America, in fact there have been so little ski areas globally open as many European as well as Asian countries have been shutdown.

Below Open Eastern ski areas comparison previous years for April

2020: 0
2019: 137 / 61
2018: 158 / 78
2017 : 153 / 70
2016 : 76 / 19
2015^: 82 / 38 (2nd weekend of April)
2014^: : 89 / 35 (2nd weekend of April)
2013 : 107 / 48
2012 : 29 / 11

I generally say that the ski season is never over; it’s only moves elsewhere. For lift served skiing in North America, there is generally at least one place where you can ski from mid-late October to early September, but obvious not the case under the pandemic.

We are in unprecedented times, like in the East, the Western ski areas to closed down a few days apart. The last North American holdouts to closure finally closed about one week later between March 24-26; Powder King (British Columbia), Teton Pass area (Montana), Lookout (Idaho/Montana) and 49 Degrees North (Washington).

Earned turns has also been restricted in many jurisdictions. Ski hills sometimes enforcing non-access to their hills with security guards; states/provincials parks like Mount Washington and Parc de la Gaspésie shutdown earlier in March/April due to wide attractions of snow addicted pleasure seekers.


As parts of North America is slowly reopening under certain conditions, only one ski area has offered skiing since the big shutdown. Having shutdown on March 22, South California’s Mount Baldy reopened one month later, on April 22. The ski area taking its cue from the golf courses reopening in the county, they decided to reopen with social distancing access policies. The melting snow in that part of California has finally dealt a normal end of the season closing date, May 3rd.

Normally few North America ski areas are still operating. Will someone else reopen?
British Columbia?

A recent May snowfall and freezing temperature have contributed in the snowpack to be at last mid-May’s level, a season that saw Killington and Sommet Saint-Sauveur offer skiing into June.

Only time will tell, but time is running out. And I’m not even talking about conditions, travel restrictions and closed borders.

A follow up blog post will be made regarding skiing possibilities in the next few days. Although the Akamp June/July ski camp at St-Sauveur’s Avila will not happen this season. I guess AKAMP 13th edition was bad luck.  With all this glum, I’ll end this post with a little hope. We will ski again. This May? June? Next season? Stay Safe so you can ski again whenever that will be.


Snowdepth: 2019, 2020 and average comparison

Source: Mount Mansfield Summit Station

Below Open Eastern ski areas comparison previous years for May

Here is a quote from last season’s post; as I mentioned above, this season is unprecedented.

People always wonder; Where is their skiing in May? May skiing is greatly very possible even if you live in the East. Good year, bad year, for at least 45 years, they always been one ski area spinning their lift for the skiing public in May. This May will not be the exception, currently 6 ski areas are planning to spin, but as it is always this time of the season, you can’t take it granted.

Frequency of number of ski areas spinning in May

7 or more ski areas : 4 times
6 ski areas : 3 times
5 ski areas : 1 time
4 ski areas : 3 times
3 or less ski areas : 3 times.
1 ski area : once

Previous years:

Here was the status of what was happening at the same time in previous years.

Below Open Eastern ski areas comparison previous years for May
2020 : 0 ???
2019 : 6 / 2 – MSS, Killington, Sugarloaf, Jay, Sugarbush, Big Boulder
2018 : 9 / 2 – MSS, Killington, Jay, Sugarbush, Sugarloaf, Whiteface, Big Boulder, Bristol, Craigleith
2017 :  6 / 3 – Killington, MSS, Jay, Sugarbush, Sugarloaf, Sunday River
2016 :  7 / 1 – MSS, Jay, Killington, Sugarbush, Sugarloaf, Sunday River, Comi
2015 : 9 / 2 – Killington, MSS, Jay, Miller, Sugarloaf, Wildcat, Sugarbush, Sunday River, Wachusett
2014 : 6 / 3 – MSS, Killington, Jay, Comi, Sugarbush, Sugarloaf
2013 : 4 / 2 – Killington , MSS, Sugarloaf, Sugarbush
2012 : 1 / 0 – MSS
2011 : 7 / 2 – MSS, Jay, Sugarloaf, Miller, Sugarbush, Killington, Saddleback
2010 : 3 – MSS, Jay, Sugarloaf
2009 : 5 – Jay, MSS, Sugarbush, Sugarloaf, Killington
2008 : 4 – MSS, Sugarloaf, Jay, Sugarbush
2007 : 4 – Killington, Sugarbush, Wildcat, MSS
2006 : 2 – Bretton Woods, Killington

Ski areas that have spinning in May since 2006 excluding this season:
First two are the only ski resort open pass May 15th

Mont St-Sauveur QC : 13 times (93%) – last 13 years in a row
Killington VT : 11 times (79%) – last 7 years

Sugarbush VT : 11 times (79%) – last 7 years
Sugarloaf ME : 11 times (79%) – last 7 years / 11 of the last 12 years
Jay VT : 10 times (71%) – last 6 years

Sunday River ME : 3 times (21%)
Miller QC : 2 times? (14%)
Big Boulder PA : 2 times? (14%)
Wildcat NH : 2 times (14%)
Comi QC : 2 times (14%)
Bretton Woods NH : 1 time (7%)
Wachusett MA : 1 time (7%)
Whiteface NY  : 1 time (7%)
Bristol NY : 1 time (7%)
Craigleith ON : 1 time (7%)
Saddleback ME : 1 time (7%)

By Provinces/States:
Quebec : 13 times (93%)
Vermont : 13 times (93%)

Maine : 11 times (79%)
New Hampshire : 3 times (21%) if no lift are spinning, you can always ski on Mt Washington.
Pennsylvania : 2 times? (14%)
Massachusetts : 1 time (7%)
New York : 1 time (7%)
Ontario : 1 time (7%)

* Update: May 14, 2pm. Adding Smuggs and Bretton Woods to the list of late closures.

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As life, you can’t take any of it from granted.

I normally start my annual Closing Thread just prior to the first weekend in April. Needless to say, where are in extreme health crisis not seen since the Spanish Flu epidemic one hundred years ago. For most Canadians hockey fan, people might have heard that the 1919 Stanley Cup Finals between the Montreal Canadiens and the Seattle Metropolitans was cancelled prior to the sixth and deciding game as many of the players were seriously ill. Canadians Hall of Famer Joe Hall would die a few days after.

Few of us would have thought in our wildest nightmares that Coronavirus would hit so fast and drastically change our lifes. It has often been said that “Skiing is not a sport, but a way of life”, but this is bigger than skiing. Needless to say that since I started keeping track of Eastern Closing days online back in 2006, nothing has ever came close to affect the ski industry (along with the health care, economy) this way. March 2012 was a terrible for many ski areas as a Winter Hating Heatwave ravage snowpacks across the East, but the scope of this was limited to one part of the Continent; the Pacific Northwest was having a great season and they would spin lifts until July. In addition to annual summer skiing at Timberline on Mt.Hood, skiing would be offered at Crystal Mountain and Mount Bachelor.


Snowdepth: 2012, 2020 and average comparison

Source: Mount Mansfield Summit Station

As bad as it was in 2012, they were roughly 29 ski areas that would have their lifts spin in the month of April. Last Spring skiing was amazing, at the start of April we still 137 ski areas still open. Killington and St-Sauveur would even offer us a few liftserved ski days into June.

On March 16, the Quebec Government ordered all ski hills closed for two weeks. Most of the Quebec ski areas had, at the time, suspended their operations for an indeterminate period. This announcement was preceded by Vail and Alterra resorts closures. This past weekend the Quebec government announced an extension to the shutdown of many activities until May 1st, which basically ends the Quebec ski season in all of Quebec areas. Some part remote parts of the East as elsewhere were still untouched by the pandemic.

Unfortunately the situation isn’t better elsewhere in the Ski World. Barriers are up, people are in lockdown, many ski areas are forbidden. For example in Quebec, Parc de la Gaspésie that covers most of the Chic Chocs are closed to limit travel and minimized individual risks for the Health facilities. This situation is happening in many parts of the  World. They aren’t many ski lifts running on the Globe today, the Tokyo Olympic games have been postponed one year and uncertain looms for the start of the Summer ski season in the Southern Hemisphere. Uncertainty for everyone involved.

Kamiskotia in Timmins (Ontario) and Smokey Mountain in Labrador City (Newfoundland and Labrador) were still planning to open last weekend, but the decision to close was made in conjunction with health authorities. Although remote, these ski areas didn’t want to attract skiers from infected areas down South. Smokey Mountain normally operates until late April, but what will the situation be in one month from now? The number of coronavirus cases is still increasing (475,000) and World epicentre of the crisis has more to the United States. The US has a surpassed Italy as the country most activate cases (64,000) and on pace to overtake China (81,000) as the country with the most cases within one week.

Source: Worldmeters: Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

To conclude on a more positive note, after the start of the lockdown in China in late January, the country is slowly reopening which includes reopening of indoor ski hills. Governments and people need to continue the fight until the new cases diminish and disappear. As long as the pandemic lives in one part of the World, our life will continue to be disrupted.

Normally I always finish with  “the ski season is never over, it just moves elsewhere”, but might not be the case this year.

Numbers from previous seasons: Total / Eastern US

2020: 1* / 0 no lifts
2019: 137 / 61
2018: 158 / 78
2017 : 153 / 70
2016 : 76 / 19
2015^: 82 / 38 (2nd weekend of April)
2014^: : 89 / 35 (2nd weekend of April)
2013 : 107 / 48
2012 : 29 / 11

You’ll find below an edited version of how the situation stood prior to the Quebec Government’s announcement last weekend. There is still snow left, but people aren’t being discouraged to travel and show up at the hills. Ski areas that have since announced that their season is now over has been crossed out. One cross-country telemark ski area is still open, but lodge, rope tow are all closed.

Laurentians and Launaudière
Avalanche – Suspended March 15
Avila – Suspended March 15
Belle-Neige – Suspended March 15
Blanc – Suspended March 15
Chanteclerc – Suspended March 15
Garceau – Suspended March 15
Habitant – Suspended March 15
Montcalm – Suspended March 15
La Réserve – Suspended March 15
St-Sauveur – Suspended March 15
Tremblant – Suspended March 14
Val St-Côme – Suspended March 15
Vallée Bleue – Suspended March 15

Eastern Townships:
Pente à Neige – Suspended March 15
Apic – Suspended March 15
Gleason – Suspended March 15
Bromont – Suspended March 15
Orford – Suspended March 15
Owl’s Head – Suspended March 15
Sutton – Suspended March 15

Quebec City area and north of St.Lawrence from Mauricie to the North Shore
Chalco – Suspended March 14
Do-Mi-Ski – Suspended March 15
Édouard – Suspended March 15
Gallix – Suspended March 15
Grand Fonds – Suspended March 15
Lac Vert – Suspended March 15
La Tuque – Suspended March 15
Le Massif – Suspended March 15
Massif du Sud – Suspended March 15
Orignal – Suspended March 15
Le Relais – Suspended March 15
Ste-Anne – Suspended March 15
Stoneham – Suspended March 15
Tobo-Ski – Suspended March 15
Le Valinouet – Suspended March 15
Villa Saguenay – Suspended March 15

Gaspé Peninsula
Béchervaise – Suspended March 15
Biencourt – Suspended March 15
Cap Chat – Suspended March 15
Castor – Suspended March 15
Comi – Suspended March 15
Haute-Gaspésie – Suspended March 15
Miller – Suspended March 15
St-Mathieu – Suspended March 15
Val d’Irène – Suspended March 15

Outaouais and Abitibi
Camp Fortune – Suspended March 15
Cascades – Suspended March 15
Chilly – Suspended March 15
Ste-Marie – Suspended March 15
Vorlage – Suspended March 15
Kanasuta – Suspended March 15
Vidéo – Suspended March 15

Craigleith – Suspended March 15
Horseshoe – Suspended March 15
Kamiskotia – Suspended March 19
Trestle Ridge – Suspended March 14

Tuonela – Suspended March 18, trails still opens

Smokey – Suspended March 17

Labrador – Suspended March 15
Plattekill – Suspended March 15
Song – Suspended March 15

Stratton – Suspended March 14
Sugarbush – Suspended March 14
Killington – Suspended March 14

Loon – Suspended March 15

Sugarloaf – Suspended March 15
Sunday River – Suspended March 15

Hidden Valley – Suspended March 15
Seven Springs – Suspended March 15

On January 17, 2020, 4 days short of her 98th birthday passed away.

One half of Canada’s Terrific Twins, ski pioneers are both members of the Laurentians Ski Museum, Canadian Ski Museum and US Ski Halls of Fame.

I’ve posted two blogs posts on the Wurtele a few years back.

Friday Night Video: the Fabulous Wurtele Twins

Pioneers Skiers turns 90 : Wurtele Twins

Ski in peace Rhona,

My sincere condoleances to Rhoda and the entire Wurtele, Gillis and Eaves families.

All pictures below are taken from their excellent autobiography No Limits, I highly recommend it.

After the Eastern ski season ended with a splash last Saturday at Mont St-Sauveur, now it’s time to look further if you want to continue skiing. I’m taking a week off until continuing skiing elsewhere is this Ski World.

Lift served skiing at 33 ski areas in 6 continents this weekend and that numbers like increase as we get closer to the Southern Hemisphere’s Winter solstice. This weekend, lift served is available in almost continents from North America, Europe, Asia to Oceania and Africa. Only South American ski resorts aren’t yet running lifts as Mother Nature has a different agenda for the Andes.

I am not counting the indoor ski areas or dry slopes. So there is still plenty of options if you don’t know where to go skiing in June. And that is without talking about left over snow left on some mountains in East, West and all over.

North America : 10
Aspen, Colorado: June 16 (weekend only)
Arapahoe Basin, Colorado : June 23 or more conditions permitting (Friday-Sunday only)
Snowbird, Utah : July (tentative) (Friday-Sunday until June 15 then weekend only until the snow is gone)
Boreal, California (Woodward Camp) : June 29 (weekly camp)
Beartooth Basin, Montana : June 15 to July 7 (daily)
Squaw Valley, California : July 7 (Friday-Sunday only plus July 3 to July 7 for July 4th weekend)
Blackcomb at Whistler, British Columbia : July 14 (daily)
Mammoth Mountain, California : daily until August
Copper, Colorado (Woodward Camp) : August 10 (weekly camp)
Timberline Lodge, Oregon : September 2 (daily)

Avila/St-Sauveur, Québec : Akamp from June 28 to July 3 (camp)

Europe : 7
Val d’Isère : July 12
Tignes : from June 22 to August 4
Les Deux Alpes : from June 22 to August 25

Saas Fee : from July 13 to September 1
Zermatt : 365 days/year

Passo del Stelvio : November 3

Hintertux : 365 days/year
Mölltaler Gletscher : from June 20 until next season
Kaprun : from June 29 to July 21

Stryn : September
Fonna : September
Galdhøpiggen : October 27

Riksgränsen : reopening June 20-23

Asia : 1
Gassan, Japan : July

Southern Hemisphere and changeover into the other Winter
Late season in the North, early start in the South: there are already a few ski areas that have started their “Winter” season. Here is the list so far with many more to open in the coming weeks.

Australia/Oceania : 15
New Zealand 
North Island
Whakapapa: Open
Manganui : Open for the season – needs snow to reopen
Turoa : Opens June 28

South Island
Cardrona : Open
Hutt : Open
Remarkable: Open
Coronet Peak : Opens soon
Lyford : Opens June 19
Porters : Opens June 21
Treble Cone : Opens June 27
Turoa : Opens June 28
Ohau : Opens June 29
Roundhill : Opens June 29

Buller: Open
Baw Baw: Open
Dinner Plain: Open
Falls Creek: Open
Hotham: Open
Perisher: Open
Selwyn: Open
Thredbo: Open

Africa : 2
South Africa/Lesotho
Afriski, Lesotho: Open
Tiffindell, South Africa: Open

South America : later*
Nevados de Chillan : Opens June 21 (Fri-Sun only then daily staring June 28)*
The Andes ski in Chile and Argentina are still a few weeks away from opening for their Winter 2019.

* Update: June 15, 7pm

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Don’t look now, but if you thought lift served skiing was over in the East after last Sunday’s celebration???

We are happy to announce that Sommet Saint-Sauveur’s water park will be open this weekend + you can SKI this Saturday June 8th, from 10am to 1pm!

Well Sommet Saint-Sauveur just pull a rabbit out of a hat. Remember what I said in the last post?

Skiing in June like it’s 1997!!!

That year was the last time more than one ski area was open in June. I heard that at the time there were skiing St-Sauveur and the same time that the waterpark was open. That will possible again this weekend as MSS is opening it’s waterpark for the season tomorrow. Killington also closed on June 22 which is actually in Summer.

5 inches of snow still remained on June 5 at the snowstake on Vermont’s highest mountain, Mt Mansfield. If you want to see how crazy 1997 was? They had 33 inches back in 1997. 1997 and 2019 are the only time this late in the season has there been snow at the stake in over 45 years.



St-Sauveur QC – June 8 (Saturday only)
Lift : L’étoile
Time : 10am to maybe 1pm

Besides St-Sauveur, where can I ski this weekend?

There is still snow left on Mt. Washington, the Chic Chocs if you’re willing to really earn your turns. You want to ride a lift and ski? A few ski areas are opening this weekend.

Canada West:
Blackcomb (Whistler) is opening tomorrow for it’s Summer season.

US West:
Aspen and Breckenridge (Colorado) are reopening for one extra weekend. Arapahoe Basin (Colorado), Snowbird (Utah), Squaw (California), Mammoth (California), Timberline (Oregon) are other weekend options. The Montana’s Summer only ski area is having some technical difficulties with the lift, but is suppose to open later next week.

Plus if you include the Woodward Summer camps at Copper (Colorado) and Boreal (California). St-Sauveur versant Avila has it’s own AKAMP ski camp week, but it doesn’t start until June 28. So there are still many weekends of skiing left out West.

Rest of the Northern Hemisphere:
While Oregon’s Timberline on Mt. Hood and Whistler’s Horstman glacier on Blackcomb are the only summer glacier ski areas in North America, Europe has many more options in the Alps and in Norway. So there are still many options for skiers with snow addiction. Zermatt (Switzerland) and Hintertux (Austria) are open year-round. Italy’s Summer skiing area on Stelvio glacier is open. Val d’Isère’s Pisaillas glacier (France) opens tomorrow June 8, the three Summer glacier while Stubai (Austria) closed on June 10. A few more ski options in the Alps open later in June or July, places like Saas Fee, Kaprun, Mölltaler, Tignes et les Deux Alpes.

Norway has three areas summer areas that are open all summer long: Stryn, Fonna and Galdhøpiggen. Above the Arctic Circle there is Sweden’s Riksgränsen always reopening for the Summer Solstice weekend for anyone that wants to ski under the midnight sun.

And then there is Gassan in Japan which closes generally in July.

Southern Hemisphere:
Winter is just around the corner in the Southern Hemisphere. Most of Australia’s ski areas generally aim to open for the Queens Birthday Holiday weekend. This season is no exception, with the all the ski areas open except the smaller ones in Tasmania. South Africa and Lesotho’s two ski areas are on the verge of opening; Afriski is opened today June 7 while Tiffindell is scheduled to open on June 9. New Zealand’s Whakapapa and Cardrona were already open for their 2019 Winter season. Hutt and Remarkables was opening today Friday June 7 or tomorrow June 8. BTW, it’s already the weekend in Australia and New Zealand. The most of the New Zealand, Chile and Argentina’s ski areas generally open later in June or July.

Remember, the ski season is never over, it just moves elsewhere.




Turning off the chairlift one last time in 2019…
Le Valinouet QC – April 27
Ste-Anne QC – April 28
Vallée Bleue QC – April 28
Sunday River ME – April 28
Wildcat NH – April 28
Big Boulder PA – May 4
Sugarbush VT – May 5
Jay VT – May 5
Sugarloaf ME – May 5
Killington VT – June 2
St-Sauveur QC – June 8

Last chair in the East since 2006:
2006: May 5 – Bretton Woods
2007: May 6 – MSS, Killington, Sugarbush, Wildcat
2008: May 11 – MSS
2009: May 4? – Sugarloaf on Monday?*, MSS, Jay and Sugarbush
2010: May 3? – Sugarloaf on Monday?*, MSS and Jay
2011: May 22 – MSS
2012: May 6 – MSS
2013: May 26 – Killington
2014: May 19 – MSS
2015: May 25 – Killington
2016: May 29 – Killington
2017: June 1 – Killington
2018: May 27 – MSS
2019: June 8 – MSS

Latest per ski area since 2006:
St-Sauveur QC : June 8, 2019
Killington VT : June 2, 2019
Jay VT : May 15, 2011
Sugarloaf ME : May 9, 2011
Sugarbush VT : May 6, 2007
Wildcat NH : May 6, 2007
Bretton Woods NH : May 5, 2006
Mont Miller QC : May 3, 2015
Mont Comi QC : May 1, 2016
Saddleback ME : May 1, 2011

BUT the East has seen skiing later than the May days above. If we go back to the previous century, in this case the 1990s, at least 5 Eastern ski areas have offered liftserved skiing in JUNE: Sugarloaf (1997?), Sunday River (1995), Mont St-Sauveur (1997), Tremblant (1997), but only Killington has offered it numerous times: 15 times (1982-88, 1992-97, 2002, 2017). Killington is also the only ski area in the East to offer skiing in Summer, twice, JUNE 21, 1984 and JUNE 22, 1997. Only a handful of North American ski areas has offered Summer skiing without a natural glacier, all of them being in the West.


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