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Sorry for the late report.

Ste-Anne had great conditions for their last weekend of skiing. More coverage than last year at the same time (actually, last year was below freezing and had fresh snow). 17 trails were opened. Most of the North side was open (9 trails) and 8 trails on the South which required some walking to get back to the lift. What was amazing was that some of the great Southside black runs were skiable and opened (La Crête, L’Espoir and Super S). These trails required some short walks at a few places if you valued your skis + 300ft. to reach the Gondola. Pretty good considering that these runs’ vertical is 2025ft. The other SouthSide runs only required walking to reach the lift. No walking was required on the North side which probably had enough snow to last a few more weeks. Some people would ski only the North side then ski the last run on the Southside (Gros Vallon, Familiale or Pichard) or download on the Gondola.

All in all, a great day of skiing. It is unfortunate that the only areas left to choose from in the East are K at $39US and St-Sauveur next weekend (maybe?). The Ste-Anne cost me $36 CDN, which is a great deal when I compare with the others.

On the other hand, there is always Tuckerman.

edit May 8, 2013 : This was MadPat’s first post on a ski day shared with my old High School buddy Jean-Pierre who got me started in keeping a Ski Diary of my days. It was also my 38th outing and last day of short 4 months ski season which I explored many beautiful places. Hoping to post some nostalgia TRs of my beautiful 2003 ski season.

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