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Stoked : June turns and … Birthday turns. Yeah!!!!

Skiing on my birthday. What a beautiful day. A quiet weekday. I did a day trip alone from Montreal that day.

My friend wanted to make me some crepes for my birthday and asked if I could stop over at a crazy early time in Montreal. She wouldn’t join me this time. I was 4 “S” = super stoked to Ski Superstar with the Rossi 4S skis.

My last June turns: 10 days ago on Superstar. Last birthday turns: 1988 on Horstman Glacier.

One thing both days have in common is that it rained both times. Today is totally the opposite, bright sunny bluebird day. A beautiful quiet midweek mid-June sunny ski day.

Not many car in the parking lot, people were parked on the side of the road next to the Superstar Quad. Continuous skiing, corn and bumps was the menu of the day. There was only a short walk involved at the top and to bottom to the snow or on the lift.

At the end of the day as I was getting my boots off, I chatted with a fellow skier, all of a wonderful June day. He gave me a beer and we raised a toast to a memorable day. What a day. All I can say, it was one of my best birthday ever.

At Day 34, this was going to be my last day of 1991-92 season. Kiilington would close on the coming Sunday, June 14; the longest season in the East with a start October 21, and you have to go back to 1983-84 to find a longer and latest end of the season.

A very green Skye and Killington Peaks from Rams Head parking lot. The only snow is on Superstar and a very small patch on Ovation. There wasn’t any snow on the trails on the left of Superstar (picture not posted).

Almost there, just a few more feet.

Need to carry your skis in the chairlift.

Just a short walk at the top of the Headwall.

Wow, Superstar. What amazing condition. No walking required except on and off the lift.

Just before the bottom pitch. Notice the number of cars parked at the bottom. It was a weekday in mid-june after all.

Bottom part of Superstar and end of the snow. Funny how much snow melted in 10 days.

Afterday beer from fellow hardcore skier. No T-shirt, but I got the lift ticket.

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Killington, June 11, 1992

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