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Another May weekend, what else to do, but enjoy the cool snow and warm breeze while skiing in a t-shirt?

After last weekend double destination at the last two ski resorts open in the East, it was time to focus on the more local area for me.

Picture by Jari from http://planetskier.blogspot.ca
Picture by Jari from http://planetskier.blogspot.ca

Saturday May 14:

Definitely less driving this weekend: Mont St-Sauveur is under 50 miles from Montréal and 100 miles from Ottawa. MSS was having an end-of-the-year party with a band, the popular exterior bar, BBQ, $1 hot-dogs, inflatable jumping structures for the kids and it was also the last weekend to take advantage of the Waterpark season pass special of $59 for the season-pass. This would explain why there were 25 people in line in front of me at the Customer Service desk.

Mogulskier hitting the bumps on the final West Hill 70 pitch

Planetskier carving outside the bumps lines

Mogulskier on Hill 70

It was also “May repeat” from the previous weekend, everyone was out for what was initially the last weekend (which was changed the previous day) of skiing. A repeat in the warm t-shirt weather, the Ottawa crew was here, the two Dan, Danmelon and MTL_Ripper, Mogulskier, a few people from Zoneski and a few bloggers like Tom from Estski and Jari the Planetskier. The previous Friday I meet Jari at Killington, this time he made the trip from Boston (not Finland) to ski at MSS and Québec which he had never skied. His other option for weekend turns was Iceland, but MSS wasn’t as an expensive option.

Nordique was official closed, but that didn’t really stop anyone

The entrance of Nordique wouldn’t last the day, but coverage was 100% on everything about the finally pitch which was roped off.

I don’t recall the last time I saw so much coverage in mid-May at MSS? Snow was pushed all the way to the lodge’s patio. The official trail count was one, Hill 70 West, but part of 70 East was covered and skied. The main difference in one week was the official closing of the Nordique trail, however it didn’t stop anyone from skiing it. The coverage was thin and became non-existent at the entrance of the trail plus the final pitch was roped off with undermined snow at bottom and ended on pavement with two parked groomers. A few bump lines were seeded, a box and rail setup on Hill 70: Fun for all. The surface was pretty firm due to the salting of the Hill 70, Nordique was soft while the finally roped pitch was nice and firm, you really had to work your skis.

Picture by Jari from http://planetskier.blogspot.ca
MadPat and Mogulskier at the top of a closed Nordique trail
Picture by Jari from http://planetskier.blogspot.ca

Clouds moving in above Nordique

Planetskier on Nordique

Bottom pitch on Nordique which skied really nicely, thank you very much.

Besides Jari from Finland, MSS had a 3-time gold medalist at Olympic and World Championships in Moguls. There were also a few plates from New England and New York. So MSS didn’t just drag out the nuts; although a few of them continued to ski when the rain came. The rain stopped just in time for last chair.

Mini-bar crowded, patio empty during pouring rain

MSS is very steep … in history. Dartmouth College raced here for the 1st or 2nd intercollegiate race against McGill in the 1930s. After the day of skiing, I showed the Laurentian Ski Museum in town where we got totally drenched … again.

Picture by Jari from http://planetskier.blogspot.ca
The crew enjoying Après-ski beer
Picture by Jari from http://planetskier.blogspot.ca

Hardcore bumpers hiking for turns after 5pm

St-Sauveur church in the village

Sunday May 15:

The forecast for Sunday was may rain or may snow. Snow flakes failing from the sky, it is somewhat ironic considering that it was a sub par winter. Killington received 6% of the yearly snowfall on this “event”. Part of the Ottawa crew were considering a May repeat on Sunday, but as the weather was less than favourable. But like the weather was less favorable for Sunny Spring skiing, MSS didn’t open due to the risk of rain…again. As for Jari, we returned to ski Killington on this wintery day.

Saturday May 21:

Three-day ski weekend on both side of the border, Killington was going Friday-Sunday as always this May, while St-Sauveur were opening an extra day on Victoria Day Monday (Saturday-Monday). My plan was skiing Sunday and Monday and may again at Killington the following Monday May 30.

Waterpark is going to be open soon, but we’re still skiing

Like skiing in Summer

Sunday May 22:

Mogulskier was already skiing when I showed up, his kids and wife were at the MSS’s F.U.N park. Another week of temperature hovering around the 30c did a dent on the snowpack, especially the closed Nordique which was official closed the weekend before with excellent coverage on 3/4 of the trail. The trail was reduced a series on disconnected patches, however the snow was Hill 70 tight. But the coverage was showing a side of weakness in the middle of the Hill 70 pitch; as the day passed, water puddles and bare spots in the moguls field started growing. I don’t recall seeing this on Hill 70 in May in previous year. It’s a sign that the end is near. There was definitely not the number of skiers of the previous weekends, maybe they were spread out over last 3 opening days? Part of the Ottawa crew were there and other regular. It was getting really hot at noon with made it really difficult. As Mogulskier left for Dad duties in the park, the clouds started to move in and we even got a small drizzle for 15 minutes to cool us off. The pitch of Hill 70 was ugly, tomorrow is definitely the last day of the season for St-Sauveur.

There is still a few lines for Mogulskier.

Middle of Hill 70 pitch was getting uglier as the weekend passed. This section of the trail was bare on the last day.

Still enough snow for June on the middle of 70?

Wayne on the final pitch

The last hour crew

Monday May 23: May repeat, Maybe not, May June?

Alex sent me an email Sunday night and asked me if I was going back, was I going to repeat or not? After some consideration, I decided to spend Holiday Monday at home with the family. That being said, I hope that K makes it to June. In fact I hope MSS and K … and a bunch of others make it as long as possible. The more the merrier. I may go to Killington if they are open on Memorial day, meanwhile for MSS, today was definitely the last day of ski operation, even if the snowdepth at some places on Hill 70 will may survive into June. June turns at MSS, I may go for that.

The end

Bye Bye

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The following were initially posted in two ski forums: The French on Zoneski and the English on First Tracks Online. The English was initially a followup to another user initial TR. Some information to the English version to give a more accurate account of the day.


Posté lundi le 16 mai 2005 à 8h43
Super belle journée de ski les amis. 😀 😀 😀

Je m’en ressens encore aujourd’hui. 😯

La météo était un peu incertaine ce matin là. J’ai même eu des doutes lors de mon départ de Montréal tôt samedi matin sous la pluie, mais une fois à Killington la météo était mieux. Très sombre et nuageux, il y a eu qq gouttes (pas assez pour appeler ça de la pluie) pendant 15-30 minutes en après-midi.

Je skiais en t-shirt à Mont St-Sauveur la fds précédente, ce samedi j’avais un manteau. Il ventait beaucoup.

Pour moi, ce fut un peu un retour aux sources cette saison; typique de mes saisons du siècle dernier, Killington en novembre et en mai.

Les conditions : TROIS pistes!!!

1) Bittersweet : Un à deux passages de neige très étroits qui se sont dégradés rapidement à force de passer. La couverture sur le bas de Bittersweet était bien et nettement plus achalandé par les skieurs arrivant de Skye Lark.

2) Skye Lark : Meilleure couverture de neige, aucune passe rocheuse. Cette dernière rejoignait Bittersweet à partir de High Road (Lower Skye Lark ayant fermé). Parcontre la longueur de cette piste à elle seule était probablement l’équivalent de la Côte 70 à MSS.

3) Superstar : Bosses mur à mur. Rien d’autre à ajouter. Les bosses étaient FULL gros sel, malgré la température.

Les à-côtés :

Dimanche était la dernière journée de la saison pour Killington. JAMAIS Killington n’a eu de si bonnes conditions pour sa fermeture. Aucune obligation d’enlever ses skis pour se rendre à la piste ou aux chaises. Par mon expérience avec le ski de printemps sur Superstar au cours des années 80 et 90 ; la montagne n’aurait pas eu de difficulter pour se rendre à la prochaine FDS. Il aurait probablement perdu la partie experte de Bittersweet et peut-être le combo Skye Lark-Lower Bittersweet si la météo est extrêmement mauvaise pour la neige, et peut-être avoir une obligation de marcher pour se rendre au Headwall de Superstar… mais le reste de Superstar sera plus ou moins intact pour possiblement une à deux semaines de plus. D’ailleurs, il y avait une petition pour que la station soit ouverte la FDS prochaine. Moi, je ne pourrais pas y être, car Morgane à une compétition de danse. 8)

Le monde? Il y avait nettement plus de monde qu’à la chaude journée ensoleillée à MSS et ceci malgré la température incertaine de samedi. Il faut dire que c’était aussi le 15ème Killington Triathlon (Ski-Vélo-Course). 15 ans déjà? Je me rappelle de la 1ere année, la course avait toujours lieu la FDS du Memorial Day (dernière FDS de mai).

Ski et musique écoeurante : il y avait un band qui jouait au pied de Superstar, on les entendaient clairement sur le dernier pitch. À la fin de ma journée à 16 heures, au lieu de porter mon stock à l’auto, j’ai écouté le SHOW. Le groupe était CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN. WOW!!! 😯

Site web AllMusic :Camper Van Beethoven

Sons Of The New Golden West

Le retour fut relax, le soleil est finalement sorti à 17h30. Un gros soleil pour la route du retour via Rutland, 30 minutes de plus en passant par les routes 4 et 7 vers Burlington au lieu de l’autoroute 89.

Désolé les gars, pas de photo. J’ai déjà tellement de photos de Killington en mai. 😀

Skinhead Stomp


Killington 5/14/05 : Full description by skiadikt on First Tracks Online, Sun May 15, 2005 8:56 pm

Mon May 16, 2005 9:13 am
skiadikt wrote:

saturday rocked.
supe looks great and could probably last ’til memorial.
there may still be some hope as there was a petition circulating asking that they keep the mountain open ’til the snow runs out. doubt it but we’ll see … in any case supe’s definitely worth the hike if you’re into earning some.

I signed the petition… but I have to agree with Jim, I am afraid the lifts have shutdown until next November. 😥

Snow coverage (I haven’t skied K in the Spring in the last few seasons, but the only year I recall so much snow since the New Superstar arrived on the scene in 1987-88 would be in May 1997. I remember skiing late May where the Vertigo and Great Eastern-Snowsheed crossover combo were still open. I also skiied on June 1st and June 15th that year. With the amount of snow, if Kmart had the same attitude as the “good old days”, they would have easily spun the lift for an extra week or two.

Pictures of Matchstick Men

Saturday was definitely rocking, especially when the soundtrack to Lower Superstar skiing was Camper Van Beethoven. You could clearly hear the music on Superstar lower pitch. At 4pm, instead of bringing my gear to the car, I stayed and watched the rest of the show. 8) This was the first time I had seen a stage slopeside,

AllMusic website :Camper Van Beethoven

A gray day, rain drops and uncertain weather made me have doubt about leaving Montreal early this Saturday morning. Killington in 2004-05 was a return to my roots: skiing at Kmart on the bookends of the season (November and May).

Dark and cloudy at Killington with a few drops during the day, but not enough to call it rain. What a contrast compared to the previous weekend’s t-shirt skiing at Mont St-Sauveur. Today was windy, gray and I was skiing in a jacket.

A quick summary of the conditions : three trails

Bittersweet : one or two passages were getting real thin as people skied on them. The lower part of the trail had better coverage and was busier with skiing arriving from Skye Lark.

Skye Lark : better snow coverage with no rocky parts. The trail joined Bittersweet from High Road, Lower Skye Lark being closed.

Superstar : Wall-to-wall bumps. Nothing else to add. Moguls were FULL corn, regardless of the less than ideal weather.

Sunday was Killington’s last day of the season. As mentioned above, I’ve had never seen Killington which such good conditions on their closing day. No walking required, 3 runs, they could have definitely made it for one or two extra weekends.

People? There were definitely more people than at MSS the previous weekend. It was also the 15th Killington Triathlon (Ski-Bike-Race). I remember skiing on the day of their 1st Triathlon on Memorial Day.

After this great day, I had a relaxing drive back home. The sun finally came out at 5:30pm. I choose the longer way home via Rutland with Highways 4 and 7 towards Burlington instead of using Interstate 89.

Sorry, no pictures. I already have a ton of Killington May pictures. 😀

The Long Plastic Hallway

*********Replies on FTO**************

Tue May 17, 2005 7:01 am
nymous wrote:

So…having a signed petition from a bunch of passholders makes spinning lifts for 20 people profitable…sometimes you all amaze me.

Am I a passholder ❓ If I would known I wouldn’t have PAID $39 US!!!

The sheet I signed only add 2 passholders on a whole page (check box for passholders). I noticed there were other fellow Canadians from Montreal, Sherbrooke that also signed, I would be very surprised if they were passholders too.

We had this discussion last year, some of us only show up at Killington when it’s the only show in town. After skied the previous weekend elsewhere, I showed up for my first and last day at Killington in 2004-05.

I never said it might be profitable, some ski areas are not profitable after Easter but still run their lifts as long as they can. I don’t question the right for K to close or not, it’s was just a petition – K can do what they wish.


Fri May 20, 2005 8:58 am
Tony Crocker wrote:

I do think managements at traditional spring areas should show some flexibility depending upon the snowpack. I’m obviously spoiled by Mammoth in this regard, as it puts way more management effort into spring skiing than anyone else.

Personnaly I don’t have a problem with K closing policy. The main issue for me (as stated elsewhere regarding MSS) is the Marketing of it. I can’t stand the :bs: about making it to June, being open until this date or other very very optimistic predictions. The same as the snow report I guess? 🙄

I have to hand it to K this year, as a non-regular K skier, the BS seemed to be at a minimum reading open/closing dates. That said, a bit of flexibility would’ve been nice. I mentioned this above, Killington have never seen this much snow on a closing weekend in the 20 years I have skied there.

Plus, only one other time (1997) that I have seen some much snow in mid-May since the Spring operations were moved to Superstar in 1987-88. So it would have nice to have skiing for this long Canadian weekend. 8)


Interstellar Overdrive

Camper Van Beethoven Setlist for the Killington show. A recording exists.
1. Mao Remoinisces About His Days In Southern China
2. Abundance
3. Tania
4. Eye Of Fatima Pts. I & II
5. Prelude
6. Sons Of The New Golden West
7. 51-7
8. Circles
9. White Riot (Strummer/Jones)
10. Wasted (Ginn/Morris)
11. Shut Us Down
12. R ‘n’ R Uzbekistan
13. Might Makes Right
14. Militia Song
15. Take The Skinheads Bowling
16. Skinhead Stomp
17. All Her Favorite Fruit
18. Sweethearts
19. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Rossi)
20. “We’re Camper Van Beethoven”
21. That Gum You Like Is Back In Style
22. “Hunter S. Thompson”
23. The Long Plastic Hallway
24. Hippy Chix
25. Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett/Waters/Wright/Mason)
26. (Outro)

Originally posted texts on Mon 16 May, 2005 08:43 am on zoneski and on Mon May 16, 2004 9:16 am on firsttracksonline

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Posted 03 May 2004 – 10:49 AM
Ayant obtenu le feu vert du chiro pour skier cette fin de semaine, nous avons débatu le choix de notre destination: Sunday River ou Ste-Anne?

Initialement, cette fin de semaine devait être un combo Sunday River/Tuckerman Ravine, mais on ne peut pas prévoir ce qui va se passer dans notre vie comme se faire rentrer de plein fouet en attendant un feu rouge en quittant d’Ottawa (3km de la maison) en route vers Tremblant.

Après avoir parler à la madame de Sunday River vendredi matin (pas sûre sur le nombre de pistes (entre 2 et 7), la décision allait se faire samedi matin), nous avons finalement opté pour MSA.

Du monde de Montréal, Laval, Bromont et d’Ottawa tous en route vers Ste-Anne. Les conditions étaient bonnes, mais pas comparable aux deux dernières FDS de fermetures, beaucoup moins de neige. Je crois qu’il y avait 18 pistes ouvertes au lieu de 6.

Rapport de l’an dernier sur FTO.

Photo par Éric B. 1 mai 2004: Mont ste-Anne - versant sud
Photo par Éric B: Versant sud sous la gondole

Photo par Lucky Luke: 1 mai 2004. Sommet vue du côte nord.
Photo par Lucky Luke: Sommet vue du côte nord.

Contrairement à Paraski, nous (du moins le duo Montréal-Ottawa) avons skié le Nord, meilleure piste: la Surprenante (oups, Mélanie Turgeon). Je n’ai pas regretté ma journée, malgré le fait que j’ai eu mal toute la journée (mon chiro connait bien mon niveau de tolérance à la douleur- le pire était le mal de tête). La Pichard était bien aussi, mais mon corps n’avait pas le goût de marcher.

Wolverine, je me rappelle bien d’avoir vu ta gang, à un moment donné, nous avons regardé le gars frisé en télémark qq’secondes à qq’reprise, il ressemblait étrangement à notre ancien ami JF avec qui nous avons skié avec à l’université. Moi, j’étais le gars avec la longue barbichette blanche et des long FELS 202cm attachés aux pieds.


Posted 03 May 2004 – 04:20 PM
ParaSki dit :

Je me doutais bien que nous n’allions pas rencontrer d’autres Zoneskieurs car il y avait pas mal de monde et Ste-Anne c’est une grosse place…

Merci pour les compliments, des fois je me demandes si j’écris pour rien.

Oui, je sais ce que tu veux dire à propos de rencontrer qq’un. Nous, on ne s’étaient pas donnés rendez-vous entre mon duo MTL-Ottawa et ceux de Bromont-Laval. On s’est vu au sommet autour 1h30-2h. Nos deux groupes pensaient que l’autre avait chocké 😆 . Nous avons bouffé en bas, eux au sommet. Finalement, j’ai reconnu le fils de 8ans de Lucky Luke. Il faut dire qu’on ne portent pas le même linge lorsque nous avons la chance de skier ensemble à -20c.

Ça aurait été difficile que je reconnaisse des zoneskieurs et vous moi, car je ne pourrais pas vous identifiez dans une ligne de suspect au poste de police.

Photo par Lucky Luke: 1 mai 2004. SuperNat, Éric, Lucky, Alex et MadPat au bas du nord.
Photo par Lucky Luke: SuperNat, Éric, Lucky, Alex et MadPat au bas du nord.

Photo par Lucky Luke: 1 mai 2004. SuperNat, MadPat et Éric (versant nord).
Photo par Lucky Luke: SuperNat, MadPat et Éric (versant nord).

Photo par Éric B. 1 mai 2004: Mont Ste-Anne - versant nord
Photo par Éric B: Mont Ste-Anne – versant nord


Posted 04 May 2004 – 12:30 PM
Frankontour dit :

Par contre, je suis content d’annoncer que l’étendue de ma saison jusqu’à présent est de 197 jours, avec ma sortie d’hier et je vais passer le 200 jours si je vais à la Réserve comme prévu jeudi, le 6 mai ! J’aimerais atteindre 250 jours cette année dans l’est.

Bravo et bonne chance, mon record est de 215… en 1991-92. Oui, c’est uniquement dans l’Est … avec remontées. Ça sera difficile à battre, vue la tendance des saisons de plus en plus courte. J’avais débuté le 9 novembre et terminé ma saison le 11 juin à Killington.

Photo par MadPat: 1 mai 2004. SuperNat et MadPat et la Mazda réparé. En fin de journée au stationnement du Mont Ste-Anne.
Photo par MadPat: SuperNat et MadPat et la Mazda réparée. En fin de journée au stationnement du Mont Ste-Anne.

A propos de reconnaitre des zoneskieurs, il faudrait voir des photos. Paraski et Wolverine, de quoi avez-vous l’air??? On n’aurait pû se croiser sans le savoir. Moi, j’ai reçu des photos de notre petite journée de samedi, j’ai demandé au photographe si je pouvais mettre les photos ici!!!

Fermeture de Ste-Anne en 2002 – journée magique, on avait eu une journée de neige (j’en fait référence sur mon rapport de FTO de l’an dernier).

Photo par MadPat: 1 mai 2004. Mont Ste-Anne, versant sud. Éric, Lucky et SuperNat.
Photo par MadPat: Mont Ste-Anne, versant sud. Éric, Lucky et SuperNat.

Gallerie photo de MadPat: Mont Ste-Anne, mai 2004

Originally posted text on 03 May 2004 – 09:49 AM on zoneski

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Sorry for the late report.

Ste-Anne had great conditions for their last weekend of skiing. More coverage than last year at the same time (actually, last year was below freezing and had fresh snow). 17 trails were opened. Most of the North side was open (9 trails) and 8 trails on the South which required some walking to get back to the lift. What was amazing was that some of the great Southside black runs were skiable and opened (La Crête, L’Espoir and Super S). These trails required some short walks at a few places if you valued your skis + 300ft. to reach the Gondola. Pretty good considering that these runs’ vertical is 2025ft. The other SouthSide runs only required walking to reach the lift. No walking was required on the North side which probably had enough snow to last a few more weeks. Some people would ski only the North side then ski the last run on the Southside (Gros Vallon, Familiale or Pichard) or download on the Gondola.

All in all, a great day of skiing. It is unfortunate that the only areas left to choose from in the East are K at $39US and St-Sauveur next weekend (maybe?). The Ste-Anne cost me $36 CDN, which is a great deal when I compare with the others.

On the other hand, there is always Tuckerman.

edit May 8, 2013 : This was MadPat’s first post on a ski day shared with my old High School buddy Jean-Pierre who got me started in keeping a Ski Diary of my days. It was also my 38th outing and last day of short 4 months ski season which I explored many beautiful places. Hoping to post some nostalgia TRs of my beautiful 2003 ski season.

Originally posted on Thu May 08, 2003 9:22 am on firsttracksonline

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