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I’M BACK !!!!

When people ask me in the Spring if the ski season is over, I always reply it’s never over, it’s just moves further and harder to get to. But if you really want to continue skiing, there are always options IF YOU REALLY WANT IT BAD!!!

Living in North American, the high tide of the continent ski season is in our Winter. In the Spring time snow retracts from all ski regions to a few areas in higher, snowiest and coldest places. At its lowest, North American has 1-2 ski summer experiences happening and glacier across the Western states and provinces. The same partner is observed in Europe where the hundreds of ski areas running lifts fall to less than a dozen. At that time of the year, the action is mostly found in the Southern Hemisphere in countries like Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and even South Africa.

October is a new beginning for the continuous ski season. October is generally the month when the first snowflakes with the hopes that this season is epic, the big guns are turned on and start making snow and spinning lifts. If the lifts are turning, there is always skiable snow somewhere, it depends how far you want to go and how crazy are you?

This coming weekend marks that time of the year, Sunday River announced they will be opening on Monday October 19, while Killington is playing close to their chest. Mont St-Sauveur can also jump in to that round is the forecast is good. The current forecast is definitely keeping the GMs with their fingers on the trigger. Colorado’s duel between Loveland and Arapahoe Basin is often the only show this early in October, but this is the proof that the showdown isn’t always a Western thing.

Some of us don’t need lifts to ski…their passion are reading the weather maps and be ready when the snow falls. This weekend marks the time when people looks at the snow forecast, checkout the facebooks and twitters in order to decide on their quivers and hopefully find the rare early season faceshoots!!!


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