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One of the premier classic resorts of Eastern North America is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary this season.

Many things have changed since Joe Ryan opened Mont Tremblant Lodge on February 12, 1939. Many things have changed since I started skiing at Tremblant 40 years ago. The video I choose for this month is a wonderful piece done for Tremblant’s marketing of the event. It’s entitled “Be Part of the Tremblant Story”.

This video present the evolution of the resort : from the snowtrains to direct flight at Tremblant’s airport; sleighs from the train station to buses and cars; quiet rural setting to a modern active nightlife with shows and casino.

In 75 years, a lot has changed at Tremblant. But the pleasure of skiing remains the same. We all want the good times to last forever. So, in honour of it’s 75th anniversary, Tremblant invites you to share your memories, photos and videos. It’s your turn to carry the torch and be a part of the Tremblant story.

Many things are planned for the 75th Anniversary Festivities: The Legends Classic Ski race of Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum and on February 12, the Anniversary Day, a series of activities and all day music is organized.

Tremblant has such a huge part in MadPat’s ski history. It might not be the place where I started skiing, but it was my first home mountain. It was the first mountain where I would ski on a regular basic in the years of my youth. It is the place where my grandfather used to groomed trails with snowshoes in the 1940s, it was the huge mountain that shadowed my mom’s childhood home, it is the place where my father gave ski lessons in the 1950s is the place where I’ve spent so many years of my youth. The place has changed much since that time.

Happy Birthday Tremblant!!!

Mad Addict’s Attic features on Mont Tremblant:

Mont Tremblant Lodge 1 (1979-80 brochure and prices)
Mont Tremblant Lodge 2 (ski map circa 1973 to 1978)
Mont Tremblant 3 (brochure circa 1984)
Mont Tremblant Lodge 4 (map circa 1953)

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