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Radio surfing while I was driving across town last Sunday, I stumbled on an interview on Radio-Canada regarding an avalanche high in the Himalayan. The interview was with Bernard Voyer, modern-day Canadian explorer that traveled around the World from the both poles to Everest. A recap at the interview mentioned that cardiologist Dr. Dominique Ouimet was missing. The 48-years old Quebec cardiologist was an experienced mountaineer and was traveling with the Expes Group, trying to raised funds for machine for a Laurentian hospital.

It wasn’t until later that I recalled reading a few weeks ago on the TGR ski forum that skiers Plake, Lécluse and Costa were planning a ski descent on Manaslu (8156 meters), the 8th highest mountain in the World. Canadian skier Greg Hill was also part of another team hoping to ski the mountain.

Started looking for more news to find out that the whole camp was hit by a serac fall which cause a massive avalanche that wiped the whole camp with numerous climbers. Glen Plake, 48, was there and survived, but his French skiing partners and friends Rémy Lécluse, also 48, Chamonix guide and steep skiing specialist and Grégory Costa, Courchevel ski instructor were missing.

Greg Hill was lower down at a different camp and arrived on the scene for the participate on the rescue mission. There is a number of details account of this disaster high in the Himalayas (link of articles, blogs and video below).

The final number is that 11 people died with 3 missing: Ouimet, Lécluse and Costa.

I saw the video featured above over one year ago and I was looking for clips of Glen Plake for Friday Night Video. Here Glen is sharing a skiing adventure to Peru with his friend, Rémy Lécluse.

Glen Plake has always talked straight from the heart with no filters. Normally he could feel his passion of the sport clearly, this time you feel his emotions. Emotions for loss friends, why he couldn’t help them and why he’s the one that survived. You realized that through his CNN and EpicTV interviews.

Some people might say that it’s only a matter of time if you practice the sport the way they do. The people on Manaslu didn’t gamble with their lives. There were risks, but few would have imagine that the camp was in huge danger. It is also mentioned that Global warming is making the Himalayan glaciers less stable. Where is the limit?

Pierre died of a heart attack while mountain biking at 55.
You can have a uncurreable cancer at 39.
Éric died of complication from HIV+ at 36.
A crazed gunman killed Anne-Marie at university at 21.

I heard this week that 98% of us will died some day, regardless of what we do. All these people were skiers I knew, Glen and Rémy made it to 48. Émile Allais is currently 100 and Jackrabbit Johannsen died at 111. Hoping Glen can make it as far. Vibes to Glen, his family, his friends, his friend’s families and all those people touched by the events on Manaslu.

Links and references:

CBC News:
Hope fades for missing Quebec climber in Nepal

Greg Hill’s blog:
Disaster Strikes on Manaslu

Adventure Journal by Steve Casimiro:
Glen Plake, Greg Hill Survive Manaslu Avalanche that Kills 11
Glen Plake Discusses Manaslu Tragedy

Outside Magazine by Grayson Schaffer
11 Dead or Missing, Scores Injured in Manaslu Avalanche

Rémy Lécluse’s website

Bernard Voyer’s website


News crew interview Plake arriving in town (2 minutes)

Plake CNN interviewed on Anderson Cooper 360:
Avalanche Survivor Horror : Part 1 (4 minutes)
Avalanche Survivor Missing Comrades : Part 2 (8 minutes)

Epic TV interview with Plake after the accident (11 minutes)

EpicTV has been covering the Plake, Lécluse, Costa Manaslu Expedition since the start. There have been over a dozen blog posts in the expedition HERE on Epic TV.

Ski Mad World’s Friday Night Video :
Glen Plake
Randoman and other tunes by Glen Plake
Ski Commercial 7 – Plake and Mahre together

A few quotes from adventurers on Manaslu or simply being interviewed on the radio:

“It is by challenging ourselves that we grow. I want to keep growing.” – Bernard Voyer

“Certains pensent que je suis un fou. Je skie là où les alpinistes rêvent de grimper …” – Rémy Lécluse

– “The line was so thin today, many survived by pure luck,while their friends passed away. With adventure comes risk. But I wonder how many people who died yesterday fully understood the personal risk they were taking. Obsessed with the possibility of climbing one of the world’s highest mountains, our vision becomes clouded and we perceive the risk we want instead of the reality of what is around us.” – Greg Hill

“I am probably one of the luckiest people in the World at the moment” – Glen Plake

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