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Additional comments on the Nov 30 Tremblant conditions.

Sharon wrote:

“I just heard that Tremblant got 28″ since Friday. Is this true? or is this what the marketing department likes to tell us?”

The Saturday evenings snowphone (website report was down) was mentioning 30-40cm (12″-16″). It started snowing more late in the day Sunday. We had a blanket of fresh snow in Ottawa overnight last night, so it’s very possible Tremblant received an extra 12″ since the late Saturday snow report. Although Tremblant doesn’t need any lessons from other ski resort in enhancing their facts, the amount of snow is probably close.

HOWEVER, BEWARE of the trail count. Tremblant had the nerve (nothing new here) to call what was open 14 trails. Basically, Southside had McCulloch (partial Charron to reach the TGV lift) and Beauvallon (Crete to get there and Alpine!!!). 2 runs and not really 5 trails on the South.

For those who don’t know Tremblant that well, Alpine is a trail that runs parallel to Beauvallon separated on most of its length by a few long tree islands. Although Alpine was called open, the only place it was open was for the first few hundred feet where someone could say that it’s a large Beauvallon and they wouldn’t be wrong.

Northside had the run combo Lowell Thomas-Rigodon as 1, instead of the 2. The other open runs were Andy Moe (short trail), Petit Bonheur, Upper Beauchemin and La Traverse.

The Upper part of the Southside trails were blasted by the wind and icy. Northside was sheltered and nicer, with the possible exception of LaTraverse trail.

Sven, I really envy you. Like Marc, I debated about going down Banzai (less so for Tunnel). I had two pairs in the car, skis with shape edges and old ski with no edges. Considering the conditions on the Southside, it was a hard call. I was tempted to make a long trip back to the parking lot (at least 40 minutes return trip), but decided against it.

I didn’t see any tracks arriving from the other side of the Triple which would be the way a skier would end up going down Banzai-Tunnel territory. Mind you the visibility was pretty bad.

Sven, where were the ski patrol you were talking about? At the bottom of the trail (base of the old t-bars/rope tow area)? Left side of the Triple? Or on the side the Lowell Thomas where it stops running parallel to Banzai?

Unfortunately, I can see why they would stop skiers from going down. Someone might end up lost with very little snow to ski on if they made the wrong turn. <

Frank, I preferred Friday's St.Sauveur snow condition in the rain.

Marc, you probably guest it, I only saw your message the following day.

Ah yes, lift tickets: $49!!! Half-day starting at 12:00 (I think) and lifts close at 3:30 (downloading from summit) for $40!!!

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