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Two Czech skiers going head-to-head to ski down Slovakia’s Lomnický štít, second highest peak in High Tatras mountains. The 2,634 meters summit can be accessed by cable car since 1940. Skiing down is another story.

Robin Kaleta (born 1980) is a freerider, base jumper and ski base jumper. Tomáš Kraus (born 1974) is a former World Cup racer that moved into skier cross. Both skiers challenged each other to ski down Lomnický peak, however Kraus said that he could do it in the Summer.

Nike ACG sponsored this video a few years ago:

Here is the long version with further background information.

This isn’t the first time Friday Night Video presents someone skiing on rocks, Two years ago we featured a video of Sylvain Saudan “skiing on the stones”.

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