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This is what Spring skiing is about. Mother Nature gave us warm weather, sunshine and corn weekend. While some people were enjoying their Summer activities in the cities which includes patio drinking, cycling and try to forget about snow, for others it was just another really to go skiing and soak in the rays.

For a good number of the remaining ski areas in Eastern Canada, this meant last weekend of the season. Some places had excellent coverage, but either fixed dates closing, economics or generally logistics made areas like Tremblant, Val St-Côme, Massif du Sud, Le Relais and the more remote areas of Val d’Irène, Monts Edouard, Miller, Gallix, Chalco and Vidéo in Québec. Smokey Mountain in remote Labrador City NL and Blue Mountain in Collingwood ON, the further Northeast and Southwest ski areas in the East also closed, but problem for different ski related reasons. Whiteface was the only ski area in the Eastern US to official call it a season on Sunday.

A few others like Wildcat and Camp Fortune outside Ottawa are hoping to make to an extra weekend.

With Lutsen and Ski Brule in the Midwest, we are now down to 15 ski areas East of the Rockies are still hoping to spin next weekend; only 6 are opened daily (all in Vermont and Maine). Let’s hope for another beautiful weekend of skiing. On the bright side, we now have 6 ski areas talking, hoping, to offer us some May skiing.

Here is a report of CTV News in Ottawa : Temperatures soar in the capital

Numbers from previous seasons: Total / New York & New England
2016 : 14 / 8
2015 : 10 / 7
2014 : : 11 / 5
2013 : 8 / 4
2012 : 6 / 3

An important note to remember, this list can change at any moment. Even if there is snow, call ahead, some might not bothering spinning if the weather doesn’t compare with the notion of Spring skiing.



Camp Fortune – April 24 (tentative weekend only)*
Val d’Irène – April 24 (Sunday only)***
Le Valinouet – April 24 (Friday-Sunday only)
Ste.Anne – April 24 (weekend only)
Lac Vert – April 23 30 (tentative weekend Saturday only)****
Comi – May (weekend only)
St-Sauveur – May 14 (weekends only)

Wildcat NH – April 24 May 1 (tentative weekend only)**
Stowe VT – April 24 (daily)
Jay VT – TBD (daily)
Sunday River ME – May 1 (weekend only)
Sugarbush VT – May 1 (tentative)
Sugarloaf ME – May 1 (daily)
Killington VT – into May (daily until May 1 then weekends only)

* Update April 19 : Camp Fortune and Ski Brule are calling it a season.
** Update April 20 : Wildcat is confirming they will be open this weekend and now aiming for May 1 closing date.
*** Update April 20, 11:30pm : Val d’Irène decide to reopen for Sunday only.
**** Update April 22 : Mont Lac Vert is mentioning that their last day will be Saturday April 23.

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