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1 state in the East : Vermont!
1 ski area : Killington !!
1 lift running : Superstar Express Quad !!!
1 mile of skiing !!!
1 trail : the mighty Superstar
1 lodge : K1-Base Lodge
1 price for almost everyone (7 to 79) : $39 (unless you a pass, vouchers, 2for1, deals, etc). That turns out to under $2.30 per acre.
4-day long ski weekend : Friday to Memorial Day Monday.

Not much to add, for the second weekend in a row, the only lift spinning in the East is found at Killington. That hasn’t happened in over a decade. Monday will be May 25, which isn’t that exceptional in recent history: 2-years ago Killington closed on May 26. At the end of this weekend, the ski area will be the only one in the East to extend their season beyond May 22, twice! It will also mark the 3rd-year in a row beyond 190 operating days. That is more than 20 above the average days per season during the dark 2002-2012 period. The prior to that, Killington had 25 consecutive season above 200 days. The incredible 246 days happened during this time in 1983-84; that is a huge contrast to their low of 153 days 5 seasons ago in 2009-10. That’s more than an 60% difference in amount of operating days.

The writing was on the blog, although not published (I had to go see my daughter’s play this evening), that this might be the last full weekend of the season. That the snow wasn’t going to last as much as hoped and that the “some walking required” was just around the corner.

Two years ago, the resort aimed for June, but it’s hard to keep snow when the East got a waves of Summer hitting temperatures. They did everything they could to keep going and closed on June 26 with top-to-bottom skiing and walking on Superstar. This season last day might look the same if they close on June 1. As the last time, they offer skiing, walking, a lift running for free if they are open. An opening next weekend isn’t out of the question, but currently unlikely.

Hiking, walking, skiing, walking, skiing, walking and riding a lift, it has been done before. So I wouldn’t be surprise if they do it again. I seem to recall a very late May 1985 and especially June 1, 1993 on a cold day where they was probably as much walking than skiing involved, but yeah, it’s skiing in June. I’ve skied numerous times on June 1, it’s May 30 and 31 that I’ve never skied on. :O

Welcome back to the Beast !!! Best of luck for June !!!

Killington VT – June 1 tentative (Friday to Monday, hoping for June 1, less likely May 29-31)
Lift : Superstar Express Quad
Trail : Superstar
Cost : $39US lift tickets – Deals : with pass from another mountain (25% off weekends and 50% midweek).

Making it to June isn’t easy, even for the big guns like Killington; they did it before, but it required some tremendous resources to keep it going. The dynamic has changed since the annual June closings. When Killington moved focus on late season operations from Killington Peak to Superstar on Skye Peak, they fell short 3 times before reaching June on a regular basis again with June 1992. If they are committed into making to June a more regular happening, they have to analyse and make adjustments for next season.

Here is the lowdown from K itself:

4:57 pm 05/21/15–Welcome back skiers and riders. It is Memorial Day weekend and that means four days of fun here in Killington. We’ll start things off Friday with top-to-bottom skiing and riding on the expert-level Superstar Trail. In order to preserve snow we’ve kept the grooming to a minimum, smoothing just a single lane down the middle. The groomers have been working for the last two nights to reconnect the upper and lower sections so we will start the weekend with continuous skiing and riding, though we may have some walking required as weekend traffic takes its toll. Natural melting has reduced the size of the moguls so expect delightful medium sized bumps on Friday morning. Conditions change fast in late May so stay tuned for updates.

Looking ahead, we want to prepare you for the possibility that this will be the last weekend. As we’ve said all along, Mother Nature will decide when we pull the plug, and she’s getting insistent. We do plan to run the lift on Monday June 1, and tickets will be complimentary on that day. There will most definitely be multiple mandatory walking sections by then but if skiing or riding in June is on your bucket list, this could be your chance. As for the weekend of May 29-31, we don’t currently plan to operate because we just don’t think the snow will hold up well enough to handle the weekend traffic. If cooler temperatures prevail between now and then, and the snow holds up, we will reassess closer to the weekend.

The Superstar Express Quad will run 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Friday; 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday; and 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Memorial Day. Stay tuned right here for updates.

Operating Day: 189


Mid-May ski areas since 2006 :
2015 : Killington (June 1?)
2014 : St-Sauveur (May 19) and Killington (May 18)
2013 : Killington (May 26) and St-Sauveur (May 19)
2012 : none
2011 : St-Sauveur (May 22) and Jay (May 15)
2010 : none
2009 : none
2008 : none
2007 : none
2006 : none

Last chair in the East since 2006:
2006: May 5 – Bretton Woods
2007: May 6 – MSS, Killington, Sugarbush, Wildcat
2008: May 11 – MSS
2009: May 4? – Sugarloaf on Monday?*, MSS, Jay and Sugarbush
2010: May 3? – Sugarloaf on Monday?*, MSS and Jay
2011: May 22 – MSS
2012: May 6 – MSS
2013: May 26 – Killington
2014: May 19 – MSS
2015: May 25 or possibly June 1? – Killington

* I wasn’t able to confirm definitely that Sugarloaf was open an extra day in 2009 and 2010.


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Super Bowl Super Sunday at Whiteface, skiing for $25, I couldn’t miss that. Parking lot were very very full, however I don’t know where the people were, the liftlines were reasonable. The longest we waited was maybe 5 minutes at around 11am, after that, it was more like 1-3 minutes waits. 😮

Like the other reports of this weekend, it’s was warm, it felt more like April 6th in temperature and snow cover. 8)

With this in mind, conditions were great for an April day, Upper Skyward had loose granular that bumped up nicely as the day went by. The other option off the Summit was Paron’s Run (didn’t ski Follies) was also bumped up by 1PM. The whole upper mountain was soft and fun to ski. 😀

Conditions were similar on Little Whiteface (Wilderness, Mountain Run, Thruway), however there were more icy spots. 😕

Essex on Little Whiteface remained hard and icy all day. Now for the negative, IT WAS FEBRUARY, not April and the snow coverage was thin in some spots and a few bare patches could be found, edge of trails might have hidden branches or rocks as I found out on Upper Skyward. 😡

Sheets of blue ice could be found on the flatter places on the mountain, some trails will probably never open this year unless it’s starts snowing now and we get a few BIG dumps. Trails like Northway, Empire (LW) and Cloudspin were virtual bare of any coverage. The Slides??? Forget about the Slides, unless Winter comes back in a very big way. 😦

Next Super Sunday is March 6th??? Hopefully Winter comes back with snow. 🙄

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