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As it snowed in parts of the Laurentians and Green Mountains this morning, two ski resorts are still planning to provide some lift assisted for the hardcore winter sport enthusiast next weekend. Despite a low snow year, snowmaking and a cold Spring days has extended the season longer that many would have hoped. The warm weather has been inconsistent, but generally offer us one or two great Spring skiing days. This weekend was no exception, like the previous week, Mont St-Sauveur in Laurentians didn’t spin on the Sunday due to the less than favorable forecast for beautiful Spring skiing (Thundershowers hit during the Après on Saturday. Killington spun as schedule on Sunday and even saw some snow.

The longest ski seasons in the East…opened respectively on October 18 and 19, Killington and Mont St-Sauveur are still looking to reopen this coming weekend. MSS was planning to close on May 15, but the amount of snow left and the amount of people showing for fun in the sun it have convinced them to go for an extra weekend.

Previous years:
Here was the head-to-head showdown since the Beast came back in town.
May 26 – Killington
May 19 – MSS
May 19 – MSS
May 18 – Killington
May 25 – Killington
May 10 – MSS
2016 so far:
At least May 15 – Killington
At least May 14 – MSS

Open DAILY : 0

Superstar and Hill 70 are the only two trails left in the East; choose your trail for your lift assisted laps this weekend.

An important note to remember, this information can change at any moment. Even if there is snow, call ahead, prices, deals, trails, some might not bothering spinning if the weather doesn’t compare with the notion of Spring skiing.

Mont St-Sauveur QC – May 23 (weekend and Victoria Day)
Lift : L’étoile
Trail : Hill 70
Time : 9am to 5pm
Cost : $20CDN for 2 hours / $28CDN for 4 hours / $32CDN full day lift tickets (plus taxes)

Killington VT – TBD (Fri-Sun only)
Lift : Superstar Express Quad
Trails : Superstar
Time : 8am (9am on Friday) to 4pm (5pm on Saturday)
Cost : $58US lift tickets – 50% with pass from another mountain.

Last chair in the East since 2006:
2006: May 5 – Bretton Woods
2007: May 6 – MSS, Killington, Sugarbush, Wildcat
2008: May 11 – MSS
2009: May 4? – Sugarloaf on Monday?*, MSS, Jay and Sugarbush
2010: May 3? – Sugarloaf on Monday?*, MSS and Jay
2011: May 22 – MSS
2012: May 6 – MSS
2013: May 26 – Killington
2014: May 19 – MSS
2015: May 25 – Killington
2016: ???


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Saturday May 10
Month 104
Day 78

On this weekend only three ski areas remained open in the East and MSS was again the last in Quebec and amongst the last three open in the East. Jay and MSS had announced that Sunday May 11 was their last day of the season; a season started on October 30 for Mont St-Sauveur. All three ski areas were now on limited operations with Killington open Friday to Sunday while Jay and MSS were only open for the weekend. Actually that isn’t entirely true, MSS had been spinning midweek everyday from 7am to 11am rain and shine for ski race camp on the “MSSI Glacier”. That is the main reason why public skiing in May at MSS only started at 11am the last two weekends.

Part of Mont St-Sauveur with an open Hill 70 and Nordique. There is still a good amount of snow on Hill 71 on the right.

Contrary to the previous weekends, the weather was clear and sunny. I couldn’t ski last weekend, but the plan for this beautiful weekend was to hit MSS and Jay for their last hurrah. The drive from Ottawa to Montreal via MSS is only an extra 30 minutes. The hill was charging $20, but my Edelweiss pass is valid when Edelweiss isn’t open. Mont St-Sauveur’s traditional both late/early season runs were still open. Hill 70 West and the steeper Nordique trail serviced by l’Étoile quad.

I started skiing at 1:30pm and squeezed in 26 runs until last chair alternately between the steeper Nordique and the more popular Hill 70. The Nordique bottom pitch managed to get the legs warmed up before a shape turn and skip over a puddle. The surface wasn’t your typical May surface, especially when the temperature was closer to the July average. It was so hot that even if I was skiing in a short sleeve t-shirt; I was sweating. I believe the temperature hit 28c in the sun and made it warmer with the snow reflection. It was like a day at the beach with some skiing in shorts, bikinis tops or even shirtless. Not a good day to forget to bring water. 😦

Closer look at the two open runs : West Hill 70 and Nordique

Most of the hill had been salted to harden the snow for the race camps, so it wasn’t really the peel away corn or only loose granular. Impressive conditions for the racers…not so impressive for those looking for soft edging, loose snow and bumps.

The coverage was still great on both runs and the snow depth was generally close to 5-8′ on most of Hill 70 and a bit less on both of Nordique’s pitches. The middle flat on Nordique was thinner and won’t necessarily survive to another weekend, but Hill 70 shouldn’t have an issue making it for a while, unfortunately the word was out: “Sunday May 11 is our last day”. Some people were hoping that MSS would change their minds as there haven’t been many good Spring weekends for skiing. Maybe the steady turnout, a good forecast and leftover snow is going to motivate to open next weekend? I recognized a few people I had seen before including Frankontour with his young son.


Monday May 19
Day 80
Last day of liftserved in the East.

Lunch on the patio for the Final day

Leftover snow on Nordique’s pitch

I returned for the “Last weekend of the 2013-14 ski season again”. The news came Friday morning that there was too much and the weather was perfect again for an extra weekend; which happened to be a Victoria Day Holiday weekend in Canada. I was happy as I couldn’t get away from Ottawa on this weekend, but I was free to go skiing on Monday. I had hope to make a return trip to Killington this season if they went further into May, but it wasn’t meant to be and I ended up, somewhat surprisingly, returning to MSS for one more time to close out Eastern liftserved ski season.

Middle Nordique

Iop of Nordique

Father and daughter

Today I managed to get my teen Morgane to come along for the drive and the skiing. I had promise her a late wake-up call and a warm bluebird t-shirt day. It wasn’t as hot as the previous Saturday, but it was still over 20c. As expected, the skiing was down to Hill 70 West. The snow on the Nordique trail was all gone, minus a few patches on both pitches. The temperatures across the East from Vermont to Quebec had been warm and above seasonal averages. So much so, that Killington announced that this was also their last weekend. Their last day of the season was May 18; one day earlier than MSS. Was this a surprise? Not really as MSS had added an extra weekend last season also closing on the Sunday May 19 and didn’t open for the Holiday Monday due to the uncertain forecast.

We stopped get some food at the grocery store in Morin Heights as my daughter wanted to eat as it was noon already; she was hungry and wanted to eat. No rush as a few hours on Hill 70 would definitely be enough. The snow was still a few feet depth in some places, the surface was corn and the final pitch was bumping up nicely (although bumps on Superstar are better), but was somewhat thin on skiers’ left.

Similar to last week, some familiar faces showed for another “last weekend”. Wake was hitting the rare bumps on the final pitch without counting on Maximini that seems to follow me this May. There was even Powdermonsieur and Bellezébuttes from Zoneski that showed up with telemark gear that the couple rented that morning in Laval, just North off the Island of Montreal. The people at the store looked at him strange; “late May and returning a telemark rental the same day? WTF?” This was only their second time on teleskis, as he mentioned, they needed some challenge; “it is after all only MSS”.

Morgane at the top of the final pitch

The middle flats

We started at 2pm and skied just short of 20 runs until last chair at 4:55pm. As I loaded on the chair, I said to lift operator…”see you next weekend”. He was hoping so, but not all the MSS employees shared his enthusiasm for skiing…they wanted to move to other things like getting ready for the opening of the waterpark on June 9. On the drive back, we stopped at Lowe’s Dairy for an ice cream and frozen yogourt in Lachute; a business connected to Hockey All-Star and six-time winner of the Stanley Cup Kevin Lowe’s family. There is also a ski connection with Lowe as he is married to Canadian Skiing Hall of Fame, Olympics and World Champion medalist Karen Percy.

Final pitch


MadPat’s Gallery:
Mont St-Sauveur QC – 10 & 19 mai 2014

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As observed with my own skis last Saturday and mentioned in the last post, Hang Over!!!

As planned, Killington is open for Friday to Sunday with no word on a closing date, however…

Some people are hoping that MSS and/or Jay will change their minds and give us an extra weekend. Odds are low, but I’ve also seen a snowstorms in May. MSS made it to May 19 last season.

Well, Mont St-Sauveur decided to add an extra weekend and open for Victoria Day weekend. The ski camp is over, so they’ll open at a normal 9am. Is it MSS’s last weekend? They aren’t saying, but this has a sense of Déjà Vu from last season. MSS has a special problem, the ski run and their waterpark overlap. The MSS waterpark open on June 9 and they need to clear the snow. Oh yeah, they also have Game #1 between the Rangers and Canadiens game at the bar. Geez, the NHL scheduling afternoon games again. This is not a Canadian hockey tradition.

As for Jay Peak, last I checked, they were definitely closed for the season.

So, instead of only Killington open, there are two options for this weekend. Although the forecast isn’t great, they’ll be skiing.

Mont St-Sauveur :
Price : $20 for all
Run : Hill 70 West
Lift : L’Étoile Quad
Vertical: approx. 607′ (185m)
When : Saturday to Monday May 19
Time : 9 to 5

Killington :
Price : $54 (for adults) – (passholders or lift ticket from anywhere this season? 50% off on Friday or 25% on weekend).
Run with walking required : Skye Lark-Bittersweet, Skye Hawk and Superstar*
Lift : Superstar Express Quad
Vertical: 1199′ (365m)
When : Friday to Sunday May 18
Time : 8 to 5 (weekend – 9am on Friday) 9am start for Saturday*

For the record, so far this hasn’t been much different from last season. MSS closed on May 19 while Kmart stretch it out to May 26. May 19 isn’t the latest for MSS; they closed on May 22 in 2011 and made to June 2 once. As for Kmart, they closed regularly in June in the mid 1980s and 1990s.

* Update : May 16 : 6:00pm
Killington is down to Superstar according to Friday evening condition report. Odds of skiing ending this weekend in the East has increase.

** Update : May 17 : 4:30pm
It’s official; Killington will be closing tomorrow, Sunday May 18. No confirmation from MSS if Monday is their last day.


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