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Killington made it!!! I made it, first time skiing in June, with the exception of that BC trip in June 1988.

After 3 seasons of falling short, Killington managed to make it to June 1st for the first time since 1988, the last season late Spring operation on Killington Peak. This marked first time since they moved Spring operation onto the “new” Superstar trail in 1989 that Killington made it to June.

June has always been a special time of the year since I was a young kid. June = end of school year, beginning over Summer Holidays and MadPat’s birthday. Skiing in June has always been specially special. 😀 Did it at Blackcomb in 1988 and now finally in the East in 1992. I had hoped to make it in 1984 one week after my first ever trip down to Killington at 18, however I couldn’t find skiing partners to share the 3 hour drive with me. Same thing happened in 1985 when we skied less than one week from June, but main skiing partner was starting a summer job and the skiing in late May 1985 had been at the pathetic level. Over the years I found out that you couldn’t wait after someone else, not going wasn’t an option simply because you wouldn’t find anyone else crazy enough to join you skiing in June…this applies to anything else from skiing, traveling, concerts to movies. I didn’t have anyone to ski with me in June again, but that wasn’t going to stop me. However I didn’t up going alone, another fellow grad student would join me on this Day trip. Caroline had grown up in the Alps and was curious on June skiing in Vermont. Her year in Canada was almost over and accepted the invitation. Caroline and I had skied together once in April at Tremblant, but this time she would bring her stuff to work in the lodge.


It was a pretty gray, foggy and wet day this June 1 at Killington. Although it was Monday, it didn’t stop from showing up. I wanted to register for the June 1 Fun Slalom, however it was open to the first 200 participants to register. I was too late, I’ll know next time to leave super early. Although the skiing was free, you still had to get your lift ticket at the ski shop. The ski shop was also handing out free plastic bag for the rain. Today was definitely a totally different day from that bring warm sunny day over one week ago. It was pretty crowded with a Monday in the rain, regardless of the free skiing. In the middle of Superstar, there was the June Fun Slalom course on skier right. Looked like fun. The skiing was still top-to-bottom without removing, definitely better coverage than the previous late May years on Superstar. Although my face was wet, I still had a wide smile on my face. Looks like they can still spin at least another week…so there is hope that I get to bag myself birthday turns in 1992.

As I was taking the scenic route though Vermont back to Canada on the way home and listening Caroline’s cassettes, the sun started coming out. What a beautiful day.

Taken from one of Caroline’s cassettes:

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