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“Ski For Two” was the 12th Woody Woodpecker Cartoon released in November 1944 by Walter Lantz Productions and Universal Pictures put the spotlight on skiing prior to the season. Three years after Disney’s Goofy presented to the sport of skiing to movie screen; now Woody was doing it.

They are a few puns in this cartoon as Woody takes the train to Sunstroke Valley in Idaho, that is strangely resembles United States’s first destination resort called Sun Valley which was developed by Averell Harriman of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Wally Walrus is wearing a lederhosen as many resorts with Austrian influence did at that time. At one point Woody suits up into Santa in order to trick Wally, although it is only October : an October with deep snow.

Woody also does a wonderful rendition The Sleigh (à la Russe) from Tchervanow and Kountz with ski related lyrics.

Happy Holidays from Ski Mad World!!!

Source: Ski For Two Wikipedia

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